tidal-logo*The happenings at Tidal have spawned an increase in prices for its in-app purchases.

According to ConsequenceofSound.net, the 30 % increase applies to in-app purchases downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store. It goes on to note that the increase comes amid Apple charging “a 30% fee off the top to users of iTunes store,”

Previous reports detailed the impact of the increase to Tidal’s monthly subscription plan, which grants premium plan users unlimited access to its library at a bitrate of 320 kbps for $12.99 a month. TIDAL’s HiFi service, which features lossless, high-fidelity audio, is now $25.99 a month, those reports stated.

Despite the reports, the subscription rates only pertain to the in-app purchases and will remain at $9.99 a month for premium plan users and $19.99 for Tidal Hi-Fi subscribers.

In other Tidal news, the music streaming service announced this week that an exclusive Jay Z concert is scheduled for May 13 in New York City. The rapper will perform songs that have never been played nor performed live in a decade.