mike tyson (elbows fan)

*Here’s a good one for you ahead of tonight’s big showdown between Mayweather & Pacquiao.

The camera caught Mike Tyson at the MayPac weigh in on Friday when some nitwit – without asking – from the back, put his arm around Tyson to take a selfie. If that’s not begging for a beatdown from Tyson we don’t know what is. The bottom line is that he’s lucky it wasn’t the old Mike Tyson or he’d be somewhere hospitalized.

As it was, Tyson only nudged the idiot away with his elbow a couple of times. So we’d say dude really got off extremely easy.

Yep, fortunately it worked out for the “fan” since he had gave out a chuckle afterward. Now he can tell his grand kids that he survived two elbows from Mike Tyson, “The Baddest Man Alive.”