mothers day gifts

*Panicked about what to give mom this year? Treat the star of your household to a celebrity-style Mother’s Day with these Hollywood-inspired gifts every mom is sure to love.

Send Flowers

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift for a reason: they’re timeless, elegant and they work. Kanye West showered Kim Kardashian with a wall of flowers for her first Mother’s Day. Don’t have a celebrity budget? You can mimic the grand gesture by sending an elegant bouquet of roses, or do a fresh take on the classic by sending her favorite flower seeds in a pretty pot.

Take Her to Brunch

Last year, Beyonce and Jay Z enjoyed a quiet brunch together with their daughter, Blue Ivy, away from the usual security guards and fans. Follow Queen Bey’s example by making reservations for a luxurious Mother’s Day brunch. Spend the morning together over pancakes and waffles. The best part? No one has to do the dishes.

Give Back to Others

Bond with your mom in a new way this year by hosting a benefit party together, inspired by Ellen Smith’s “Mother’s Day at the Mansion.” Will Smith’s sister hosts the annual event at her home to help underprivileged families celebrate the day in style. Want something more low-key? Organize a day of volunteering with your mom at your favorite local charity. Take her to a community food bank or animal shelter. Or help out with a literacy program at your local library. Take her out to dinner afterwards and end your day of charity with a little indulgence.

Make Social Media Shout Outs

Follow Rihanna’s lead and send a big shout out to your mom over Twitter. You may not have as many followers as the megastar, but as far as your mom is concerned, you may as well be RiRi herself. Keep the homage going all day with a continuous stream of texts, Tweets and Instagram posts. Tell your mom how brave she is, how much she has influenced your life and how grateful you are to her. Post a great picture of her on Instagram and comment on how beautiful and fierce she is.

Give Her a “New” House

Not everyone has a mansion to give their mama like tennis star Venus Williams. Instead, give your mom the gift of a luxury retreat with a gift card to a boutique hotel for the weekend. She’ll love the chance to escape and recharge. Plus, while she’s gone, you can mow her lawn and plant flowers in her flower beds for a nice surprise when she returns.

Pamper Her like a Celeb

What do you give the woman who gave you everything? Make her feel like a queen and give her a gift to pamper herself, like Sephora’s Get Glowing set of mud treatments or a complete set of bath and body care products like Lather’s Bamboo Spa set.

Buy Handmade Jewelry

You may be a little old to gift macaroni necklaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop giving your mom jewelry. Give her a cool necklace she’ll actually want to wear, like HaKNiK’s handmade leather necklaces. Hey, if they’re good enough for Tyra Banks, your mom will think they’re pretty cool, too.