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Stephen Curry accepts his NBA MVP award

*Stephen Curry’s list of accomplishments in the NBA has reached a new plateau as he becomes this season’s MVP.

The Golden State Warriors point guard received 100 out of 130 first-place votes to round out a total of 1,198 points from a 129-member panel to capture the league’s top individual award, according to Jet. NBA all-stars that lost out to Curry included four-time MVP Lebron James and the Houston Rockets’ James Harden. In addition to the panel, NBA fans put their vote in for the MVP on the league’s website.

Curry’s MVP status didn’t come without work put in as he lead the Warriors to 67 wins while breaking his own three-point shot record. The achievement is also historical for the team in light of Curry being the first MVP in the franchise since Wilt Chamberlain captured the title after the Warriors defeated the Philadelphia 76’ers in 1960.

For Curry the MVP title is among a string of notable moments, which include him delivering a crazy crossover to Chris Paul (CP3) during a game in March. To see Curry’s crossover on CP3, check out the video below.

That embarrassing moment didn’t go unnoticed by Paul, who decided to join in on all the poking fun at him with the following Instagram post:

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