Bobbi Kristina and Danyela Bradley

Bobbi Kristina and Danyela Bradley

* is reporting that a third person was present when Nick Gordon allegedly battered his girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown during a life-ending fight on Jan. 31.

The new information is included in an amended wrongful death lawsuit filed against Gordon by Brown’s conservator about what Nick may still be trying to keep from investigators, Radar Online reports.

The suit claims a “white girl” was lying on the bed in Nick and BK’s master suite as the alleged altercation unfolded in her Roswell, Ga. townhouse.

According to the suit, Gordon came out of the master bathroom and “got in bed, and laid his head on female guest’s ankle and stated, ‘Now I want a pretty little white girl like you.’”

While the filing does not identify the female guest, Radar Online reports she’s believed to be 18-year-old Danyela Bradley, who has been named by the website as a key witness in the case.

In a shocking interview last March, Danyela’s mother, Marlene, revealed that her daughter and Bradley’s boyfriend, Max Lomas, were in the townhouse that tragic night. Lomas called 911 after Brown was found unresponsive in a water-filled bathtub.

According to Marlene, Bradley said Gordon “did something to [Bobbi Kristina].”

The wrongful death lawsuit alleges Gordon fought with Brown, calling her a “whore” and accusing her of cheating on him before giving her a “toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious.” Gordon then “put her face down in a tub of cold water causing her to suffer brain damage,” the suit charged.

But Gordon’s lawyers have blasted the amended civil suit as “slanderous and meritless.”