BOOK, Conspiracy of Credit

*I kid you not with that headline. He also got them permanent housing. And today, one of them has a successful gardening business; and the other is married and working.

Talk about realizing your purpose and moving forward with it.

Corey P. Smith is a proud southern man on a mission. While some folks will do everything they can to keep you away from knowledge that will empower you, Smith does the exact opposite. He wants you to know what he has learned: that bad credit is by design. And if you know about “The Conspiracy of Credit,” which also happens to be the name of his latest book, and follow up by doing the work, you will no longer be a victim of it.

Smith, a husband and father, knew he was on the right track when the FBI showed up at his front door.

In an exclusive interview with EURThisNthat‘s DeBorah Pryor, Smith recalls the night he woke up in a cold sweat. He was living in an apartment, sleeping on the floor with his wife and now eldest daughter. He knew the only way to change their situation was to change their credit situation.

“I told my wife, let’s let the apartment go and move in with my mother or your grandmother. I said give me 24 months and I’ll give you the world.”

Well it took less than two years for Smith to keep his word to his wife.

“She followed me. She supported me. And in less than 24 months we were buying our first home — which was like a 4200 square-foot home in a suburb of Memphis.

Corey P Smith photo
Corey P. Smith

Smith says it was the purchase of this home that showed him first of all, the power of credit, and what people can actually do if they know how to leverage debt.

“And eventually remove yourself from it. So that you are not so dependent upon it,” he adds.

Now here’s where life purpose came in for Corey; who actually quit his long-term substitute teaching position at a high school and made learning everything about credit his full-time job.

“Everyday I was on the phone with the credit bureaus, basically stealing information from them. And what I mean by that is I had to ask the right questions to get certain information that they otherwise wouldn’t give me.”

Smith also did a lot of research on his own and connected the dots.

Once he got the grasp of things, he used what he had learned to clean up his own credit and that of the people in his immediate circle.

“And that led me to publish my first book, which was, ‘How To Outsmart the Credit Bureaus.’ That was in 2005. That’s when the Feds came in. I got a visit from them after I released the book.”

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