Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge

Official Picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

*A few weeks back, Samsung, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in technology released the the highly anticipated Note 5 alongside an upgraded version of its highly popular Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

When Samsung introduced the original note series in 2011, they were considered crazy. Who would have a phone that big and who needs a stylist with a phone? Ushering in a new frontier in mobile phones called Phablets, early adopters were often criticized for their purchase. But a few years later, everyone (even Apple) jumped on the trend, releasing some sort of Phablet–the coined term that combines the size of a tablet with the function of a mobile phone.

In April, alongside the annual release of the most noted, Galaxy series,  the company announced a new phone that basically innovated the way people interact with their phones, The Galaxy S6 Edge which featured a dual curved screen that one could interact with without actually unlocking the main display of the phone. While critics were quick to point out the flaws with the edges, technology enthusiasts applauded what Samsung did to innovate the mobile phone. There were still shortcomings though, as  with any mobile phone, and the S6 and S6 Edge suffered from poor battery life. The former versions of the Galaxy S series all had removable batteries and spots for external storage.

The dynamic duo basically have all of the same specs sans the memory ( the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can hold up to 128 GB of storage with the Note 5 can only hold 64GB.) Both have beautiful screens and some argue that these SUPER AMOLED Plus screens are the best in the mobile frontier (at least for now)

Both have 16MP camera on the backside and 5 MP cameras on the front for selfies. Having had a Galaxy S6 Edge and regular GS6 for a few days, I can truly say, the pictures were AMAZING!

But there are a few distinct differences between this year’s version and the Galaxy Note 4.

No Removable Battery–With bigger displays and better technology, these screens have become pretty power hungry. In terms of battery capacity, it seems as if Samsung took a step backwards deciding to only place a 3000 mah battery in the both the Edge Plus and the Note 5. They do try to compensate for their shortage by allowing devices to charge quickly using USB Quick Charge and wireless charging. Depending on your usage though, you will probably get only about one day of usage before having to plug it up.

No MicroSD Card for Expansion– In a surprising move this year, Samsung removed the SD card slot meaning that what you get is what you get. They are kind of late to the game on this one as most of the other manufacturers have moved to this model some time ago. The phones still come with 32GB , 64GB and 128GB* (only available on the S6 Plus.)

It’s Glass– I guess Samsung took a “note” from Apple and actually decided on a Glass back! This means, of course, that it can shatter quite easily even though its made from Gorilla Glass 4.

In terms of design, these phones are BEAUTIFUL. The finish is amazing, Samsung opted for a glass and metal build instead of the usual and cheap looking plastic. Which of course makes for a premium looking device. which substantiates the cost.

Check out Samsung’s Promotional Video for Both Devices

Note 5:

Galaxy s6 Edge:

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