Living Water

*When you’ve had your fill, you’re ready to move on. In those Western movies like Lonesome Dove, the (cattle) drovers were glad when they reached water after a long haul on the hot, dusty plain; but when they got their fill, it was time to move on. At a restaurant you may hear that old expression “I’ve had my fill” of food and drink; at an amusement park – of fun.

Once you get started it seems you can never get enough, but after the fact you don’t even want to see another steak or roller coaster; and can’t imagine how anyone else could! Why? Because you no longer have the appetite – you’re satisfied for now.

We all hunger and long for something. It’s called desire, and once that desire is filled, it just gives way to another. For instance, after a full meal there may be a desire to sleep. After a good workout, you want to rest – and on it goes.

Having your fill can be temporary or permanent. You can have your fill of a lively party until next time; you can have your fill of a bad relationship and walk away for the last time.

How often do we hear of world-class entertainers announcing their last tour, or a prize fighter’s last bout in the ring?

We can have our fill of an uplifting, spirit-anointed church service until the next Sunday. We can also have our fill of a dead church that takes away from the spirit of truth. In anything we’ll know for ourselves when we’ve had enough.

I’m reminded of the biblical account of Peter’s encounter with Jesus. Peter was a fisherman by trade and when Jesus told him to launch into the deep and cast his nets for a catch (Luke 5:4 NIV), Peter said “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” As a result Peter and his team caught so many fish their nets began to break. They called for another boat, and both boats were filled to the point of sinking. Peter and his men were astonished! They got their fill that day! Then they decided to follow Jesus.

There are many things we do to try and fill a void but it doesn’t last. Jesus promises that whoever drinks of the living water shall not thirst again.

Whatever you may be doing – have you had your fill yet? If you’ve had enough and can’t seem to find satisfaction anywhere, try Jesus! Fill up on His word and learn the good news about your life!