Houston-Sheriff-Deputy-Darren-Goforth-Shooter-Shannon-Miles-AP1*Apparently, the dangerous “rhetoric” of the #BlackLivesMatter movement was the motivation for Shannon Miles to kill Harris County, Texas sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth, according to the county’s sheriff.

ABC13.com reports that Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman is investigating the rhetoric as he believes it was a factor in the tragedy.

“Our system of justice absolutely requires that law enforcement be present to protect our community,” Hickman said during a press conference. “So any point when the rhetoric ramps up and calculated, cold-blooded, assassination of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control.

“We’ve heard Black lives matter, all lives matter, well, cops’ lives matter, too,” he added. “So why don’t we just drop the qualifier and say ‘lives matter.’”

Hickman’s comments comes days after Miles was charged Saturday (Aug. 29) with the shooting death of Goforth. The lawman pointed out at the press conference that Miles had had no prior interaction with Goforth before the 30-year-old walked up to the deputy while he was pumping gas and shot him 8-10 times in the back.

Commenting on the incident, Harris County DA Devon Anderson voiced a desire for more support for law enforcement.

“It is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcement…there are a few bad apples in every profession, that does not mean there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement…what happened last night is an assault on the very fabric of society,” he said.

To see the press conference, check out the video below: