simi valley high school football coach otis newell-fired*Be careful what you do in the past because it may come back to bite you.

Coach Otis Newell found this out firsthand after he was fired from his job as a defensive coordinator at Simi Valley High School in California. The termination resulted after a fellow coach discovered a music video that appeared to show Newell selling drugs out of an ice cream truck, USA Today reports, adding the video was for the song “U Need It, I Got It.”

While it looks to be a negative, Newell stated that the clip was simply meant to show how he escaped drug use and gang violence by using football.

“I just think this just went way too far, way too fast. It’s a depiction of pretty much how I grew up, and there’s no secret that in the city where I come from, drugs and gang violence were everyday parts of my life,” the coach told the L.A. Times.

Revealing more about the situation, Newell shared an email he received from the Simi Valley Unified School District with KTLA. The station mentioned the district’s stance on the situation in the email, saying that although it wasn’t questioning Newell’s character, the district stated that it “cannot support” his appearance in the video.

“In an email to Newell, the district went on to state that, “Although the music video and song lyrics are not reflective of how you are currently living your life as a husband, father, or coach, the images and activities portrayed in the video are ones we cannot support,” KTLA reports while pointing out what the district said.

“Therefore, reinstating you as a football coach with Simi Valley Unified is not possible,” the email continued. “We do wish you the best of luck with your personal and professional endeavors moving forward.”

To see KTLA’s coverage of Newell, check out the video below: