*Hillary Clinton briefly addressed a group of protesters from Black Lives Matter and GetEQUAL who were disrupting her campaign event in Cleveland on Thursday.

“I will certainly be happy to meet with you later, but I’m going to keep talking,” she told them midway through her speech at Case Western University.

According to the Daily Caller, the activists were chanting the names of black transgender people who have been murdered recently. The disruption came just moments after Clinton said “we do have to stand up and say loudly and clearly ‘black lives matter.’”

The protesters, who held up signs reading “Hillary: Divest from Private Prisons, Invest in Black Trans Women,” continued chanting for a few minutes after being admonished by Clinton, but stopped soon after.

Watch below:

The group responsible for the disruption posted to Facebook shortly after.

“We can’t have a serious conversation with Hillary Clinton about policy until she returns donations and refuses to accept future donations from lobbyists and lawyers affiliated with the private prison industry,” a post on GetEQUAL’s Facebook page reads.

“Bankrolled by private prison companies and lobbyists like Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, Hillary Clinton is part of the system of violence that criminalizes and kills Black trans people — how can we take her policy suggestions to curb mass incarceration and detention seriously while she’s accepting this money?” one of the event’s protesters said in a statement released on GetEQUAL’s website.

Clinton’s exchange with Black Lives Matter follows her meeting with five members of the Boston chapter after her event in Keene, N.H. earlier this month. Video of the tense discussion hit the Internet last week.