ik enemkpali

*New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith is not the only person punched by IK Enemkpali.

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” reports that in 2011, Enemkpali socked a man he thought was a woman the he had paid for oral sex.

As the story goes, Enemkpali met someone on Facebook named “Missy Lee” and they arranged to hook up. When the then college player at Louisiana Tech arrived at the spot, “Missy Lee” was covered completely in a blanket and something didn’t add up.

So Enemkpali reportedly left, only to return later and figure out that “Missy Lee” was a man.

Assuming he was being set up to be robbed, according to the report, Enemkpali punched the person and fled by jumping through a window.

The man in question — Ketryn Anderson, who reportedly is senior pastor at a Shreveport (La.) church — repeatedly threatened to report Enemkpali to the police for the two broken teeth he suffered, which led Enemkpali to file his own report three days later.

Enemkpali refused to press charges once the incident was reported to the school, perhaps trying to keep it quiet. He had been suspended before the start of that season for hitting an off-duty cop a bar and was charged with battery on an officer and disturbing the peace, so it was the police’s theory that Anderson/”Missy Lee” was seeking to prey on an athlete who had been in trouble before and might not be inclined to report what might happen.

Anderson refused comment to ESPN unless they paid him.

Enemkpali was kicked off the Jets after the Geno Smith punch and has since signed with the Bills.

Watch the “Outside the Lines” report below: