Eazy E and Suge Knight

Eazy E (L) and Suge Knight

*In 2013, NWA’s former manager Jerry Heller did a radio interview to promote his book Ruthless, which detailed his tenure at Ruthless Records serving as Eric “Eazy E” Wright’s manager as well as a key advisor.

In the interview for Murder Master Music Show, Heller talks at length about the “$70-a- night” Ruthless bodyguard, Suge Knight, causing dissension between himself and Dre.  Heller also revealed his two biggest regrets regarding the seminal rap group. The first was allowing Dr. Dre to leave Ruthless.

The second was talking Eazy E out of killing Suge Knight after he and his henchmen jumped the late rapper, forcing Eazy to release Dre from his contract. The beatdown is depicted in the film “Straight Outta Compton.”

Heller explain that regret below (beginning at 1:58):