kanye west (2015 vmas)

*Lots of crazy stuff went down at the 2015 VMAs, but then again that’s what happens at the VMAs.

But when it comes to crazy, can’t nobody top Kanye West. Sunday night not only did he announce he was running for president (in 2020), he also revisited the whole Taylor Swift incident like anybody gives a crap. One minute he was contrite and the next he was outraged. Whatever.

But it’s the running for president comment that’s got folks talking and wondering if he is for real. Normally you would just blow off a comment like that from him because of course it’s crazy. But now in the age of Donald Trump, God forgive us for saying this, it may not be crazy at all. Hell, if Trump can say all the crazy, over the line and below the belt crap he says and is leading the polls, why not Kanye?

Check this out. CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted that “Kanye for President” was registered earlier this year.

First Trump, now Kanye. God help us. 🙁

Kanye’s presidential announcement:

Kanye trippin’ on the Taylor Swift hijack moment:

And after a night of hijinks it’s nap nap time: