Tyler Perry

*Dang, it sure must be nice to be Tyler Perry or anyone with a lot of money for that matter.

We’re talking about the kind of money that you spend paying more for a piano than some folks can afford to pay for a house.

So it is for Perry who’s obviously got it like that.  In fact, he’s not only selling his Atlanta mansion for $25 million (he’s building a more expensive one), so he can easily afford a measly $150,000 to purchase legendary entertainer Nat King Cole‘s old concert piano … for a good cause, actually.

According to Page 6, Perry bought Cole’s “Steinway B concert grand piano” — which has also been played by Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Mel Tormé and Oscar Peterson — to benefit Nat King Cole Generation Hope, which supports music education in public schools.

The piano was bought by master musician and singer himself in 1959.