nicki & miley

Cat fight!

*I have a message for Nick Minaj: hey b*tch, it’s only an MTV award—stop trippin’!

This tramp should change her name to Nicki West, because like Kanye, she expects the music world to willingly pucker up and kiss her gigantic ass.

What’s the matter, Nicki? Aren’t you satisfied with all of the BET awards that you’ve won over the years? Or perhaps recognition from your own people isn’t enough; perhaps you desire a thumbs-up from White America. If you ask me, this chick needs a reality check.

So here it is: Nicki, you ain’t nothin’ but a glorified piece of ass. Do the world a favor: know your role and shut your mouth. Wait…I changed my mind. Nicki, sweetheart, open up that mouth and wash it out with soap. ‘Cause only a hood b*tch is capable of turning an acceptance speech into a full-blown n*ggapalooza.

The feisty lyricist had a mountain-sized chip on her shoulder Sunday night, when she accepted MTV’s Best Hip Hop Video award. That’s because she was left out of a more prestigious category—Video Of The Year. That award, and numerous others, found its way into Taylor Swift’s platinum-song-writing hands. When Minaj learned a few weeks ago that her “Anaconda” video wasn’t in the running for MTV’s top prize, she took to Twitter and bloviated about how racial discrimination was to blame for her perceived slight. Minaj’s outburst prompted a cyber-feud between her and Swift that quickly cooled off. But days later, during an interview with The New York Times, Miley Cyrus reopened Pandora’s Box when she made pointed comments in reference to the rapper’s gripe with MTV, calling Minaj “petty” and “self-absorbed.” Anyone not living under a rock Sunday night saw what happened next. During her VMA acceptance speech, Minaj threw caution to the wind and took a swipe at Cyrus. “You know who I want to thank tonight? My pastor,” Minaj said. “I love you so much. And now, back to this b*tch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley what’s good?”

Before I go any further, I have to point out a critical flaw in Minaj’s approach. She confusingly extended a thank you to her pastor before flipping on her “gangster” switch and hurling an expletive toward Cyrus, who probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. This clear example of classlessness explains why Minaj is comfortable with dating that screaming hyena Meek Mill. If these two boneheads decide to procreate, their children will likely have the intellect of a disabled gnat. Call me crazy, but it appears safe to conclude that Minaj has a thing for bullying harmless white girls. Her VMA debacle with Cyrus came about a week after her dust up with Swift, whose idea of a cat fight probably involves actual cats. In June, during the BET Awards show, Minaj waltzed on stage and launched subliminal missiles of hatred toward Iggy Azalea, whose ass, incidentally, probably weighs more than Swift and Cyrus combined. I’m not familiar with the criteria for being “hood,” but I doubt it includes issuing a verbal challenge to Hanna Montana. After carefully scrutinizing the footage of last night’s squabble between Minaj and Cryus, I’m inclined to believe it was a poorly orchestrated ruse by MTV to boost ratings. Truth be told, I’m not completely sold on the authenticity between Minaj’s short-lived “feud” with Swift. But regardless of my reservations about these quarrels, I am sure of one thing: it’s not a good look for Minaj. She’s living proof that “hood” doesn’t wash off.

Aside from jumping into doomed relationships with low-life, talent-less, wannabe thugs (ahem, Meek Mill), Minaj is very good at two things: running her big mouth and shaking her fat ass for every one to see. I used to be a fan of Minaj. If some of you recall, I wrote a story about her earlier this year defending her raunchy antics and crass use of the English language. These days, I’m not so sure how I feel about the “Anaconda” rapper. Part of me wants to believe that she isn’t as dumb as she has made herself out to be over the past few weeks. Another part of me wants to examine her brain to see if there’s anything inside. At the moment, I’m leaning toward believing that Minaj is a ratchet imbecile without the slightest understanding of tact or how to use it.

A couple of weeks ago, the dumb b*tch went off on MTV for being disproportionately (favorable) to white female recording artists. Her premise was that she, Beyonce, and other women of color in the music industry aren’t receiving enough recognition for their musical contributions. She also suggested that MTV favors the white body type: curve-less, colorless, and emaciated. It’s funny: Minaj was selected to headline last year’s VMA awards show and her performance consisted of a single component: twerking. Minaj is becoming a one trick pony. In years past, she would hide behind flamboyant costumes, florescent make-up, and eccentric behavior. But without these props, the Brooklyn born lyricist is as rough-hewn as the streets she was raised in. In spite of her riches, she lacks polish, sophistication and elegance. In place of these qualities, she retains an abundance of crudity. Sunday night was a glimpse into the real Nicki Minaj. Are you still impressed?

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