Autumn Ajirotutu

Autumn Ajirotutu of the E! reality series WAGS

*Because she has a ring on her finger, Autumn Ajirotutu sits on the high end of the totem pole among “WAGS,” an acronym for wives and girlfriends (of professional athletes); also, the name of E!’s new reality series about their hierarchy and lifestyle.

The show makes a point of displaying the unofficial WAG scale, where wives are ranked the highest, followed by fiancées, and girlfriends. THOTs fester at the bottom.

Autumn and Seti

Autumn and Seti Ajirotutu

Autumn met Seyi Ajirotutu of the Philadelphia Eagles in college and the two are now married with twin girls. The ring, the heirs and their nine-year relationship have earned her elite status.

“I can’t speak for the other wives, but I think it’s something organic and raw when you were with somebody when you didn’t have anything,” Autumn said of her history with Setu, and of other unions that pre-date pro contracts. “We grew up with these guys when they didn’t have anything. Sometimes we were supporting them, and now the roles have kind of reversed in a sense. But I think they truly love and respect us for that.”

Below, Autumn (with input from co-star Ashley North) tells us why it’s unfair for longtime WAGS to be written off as “gold-diggers”:

“WAGS” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on E!