50-cent*50 Cent is not taking things lying down as he filed a new lawsuit against a man he says  falsely represented him in negotiating a deal involving a reality show.

The suit mentions that 50 Cent claimed he paid Andrew Jameson $270,000 to make deals for him.

50  goes on to claim that Jameson went rogue after his deal expired and went to E! The result was a deal made  called “The Unit.” Apparently Jameson made a suggestion to a G-Unit employee to get a “young white woman” on board to make the reality show show more marketable.

The legal documents reveal 50 Cent’s reaction to the deal, which came in the form of him being appalled by what went down with Jameson when he found out what he suggested. Overall, 50 Cent labeled texts about Jameson’s suggestion “highly offensive.”

As he explained to E! he didn’t want to do a reality show, but 50 Cent was told that Jameson had already closed the deal. As a result, 50 goes on to say that his relationship with NBCUniversal, E!’s parent company, was “severely damaged” upon his refusal to do the show.

Coming out against 50 Cent’s lawsuit and the rapper’s demand for damages totaling more than $800,000, Jameson’s lawyer, Eric George told TMZ that his client is the one who should get money, instead of the “In da Club” rap star.

“His claims aren’t worth 50 cents.” George said. “In fact, Andrew is the one owed money — several months of unpaid salary … and he’s in arbitration to get it.”