50 Cent's son Sire

50 Cent’s son Sire

*50 Cent wants to make sure his son Sire marries the right woman – preferably a young lady with her own money.

The rapper has put it out there that his 3-year-old is perfect for 2-year-old North West. He also put the boy in a t-shirt bearing North’s image and trotted him out on Instagram with the caption: “My Dad’s crazy, he said I get all his money. So I can only date hot girls that have their own.”

So far, North’s parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have yet to comment.

North West (Instagram)

North West (Instagram)

It’s all but certain that North will have her own money – with Kimye earning an estimated $30 million per year as recently as 2013, according to Forbes.

As for Sire getting all of his dad’s money…Daddy just filed for bankruptcy in July as a “strategic business move.” But the boy is already earning his own keep. He signed a modeling contract at age 2 back in March.

“He’s got a deal now with Kidz Safe,” 50 revealed to Power 105.1. “It’s an audio company. They paid him big paper, too: $700,000. He’s super cute… You gotta pay for it. [The money] goes into a trust, so he can’t even touch it till he’s 18.”