chicago police response to shootings
*Another weekend of killings has gone down in Chicago.

As the Labor Day Weekend comes to a close, the unfortunate tally of violence comes to six killed and 27 wounded between Friday and Sunday.

On Friday three were killed between 8pm and midnight. Along with the 3 killings, there were 13 shootings on that hot night in Chiraq.

We guess you could say Saturday was a good day because there were 9 shootings, but no deaths.

However, it wasn’t a shooting death, but on Saturday things got downright grisly with the discovery of a toddler’s head and other body parts floating in the lagoon in Garfield Park. As of now, the the official cause of death has not been determined.

On Sunday, like Friday, three more killed and another eight shot.

If you’re keeping a tally – in 2015, so far- there have been 308 murders and 1,729 shot and wounded.

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