Lamar Davenport & E’Dena Hines

*Despite graphic evidence that says otherwise, the man accused of stabbing Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter E’Dena Hines, pled not guilty to her murder.

TMZ reports that Lamar Davenport entered his not guilty plea when he appeared in a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday morning (Sept. 22) with his attorney. Davenport has been on psychiatric hold since Hines’ death on August 16.

Davenport’s plea comes amid evidence prosecutors presented that paint a brutal picture of what happened when Hines died. Referencing witnesses who were on the scene on the day in question, prosecutors say the witnesses saw Davenport on top of Hines in the middle of the street that day, with the knife still in her chest when police arrived.

Adding to the prosecution’s case was testimony from the D.A., who said Hines had 25 stab wounds and was pronounced dead at a hospital. Initial reports on the incident noted that Hines had 15 stab wounds.

In their remarks, Davenport’s attorneys mentioned that their client was about to begin psychiatric examinations at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.