Amber Rose, Baby Bash-lipstick

*Attention-starved Amber Rose is known for using her social media platform to flaunt her curvaceous body and plaster endless photos and videos of her son 2-year-old Sebastian.

While fans expect Amber to turn up and show out – after all, she’s gotta keep the checks rolling in somehow – those same fans and others have blasted her for being so open with baby Bash.

With all the freaks and pedophiles lurking the Internet to prey on kids, many believe Amber should be more private with her son.

Amber doesn’t agree, and if you come for her about her parenting skills then you’re bound to feel the wrath of someone who doesn’t understand the purpose of living if it’s not done for all the world to see.

Amber recently wished death upon those who responded with harsh comments about a Instagram pic she posted of baby Bash smeared with red lipstick on his lips. Amber explained that she kissed Sebastian but her followers were quick to point out that most moms don’t kiss their sons with open mouths. When her followers who have NO CHILL asked why she kissed her son with the same lips she sucks The D with, Amber popped off, writing:

“Too Bad all of u miserable f*cks never had mothers that loved u. Do urselfs a favor…. Take a long broom stick (No Lube Please) gently stick it up ur asses, sit all the way down on it and die slow u hateful pieces of sh*t. P.S everyone else have a blessed day.”

Perhaps Amber’s alleged lover, Odell Beckham, can explain to her why she’s inviting criticism each time she posts a pic of her baby on social media.

Amber, Odell Beckham

Photo: Getty Images; FilmMagic via NY Post

In case you hadn’t heard, the NY Giants wide receiver is rumored to be romancing the former stripper. As TMZ reported, Beckham and Rose are in the “early stages of dating,” after the 22-year-old began pursuing the 31-year-old months ago.

“They’ve been texting and talking like crazy — and even went out on a few dates,” a source tells TMZ. “But everything is still fairly new and they’re taking it slow.”