Corey Clark

*Remember Corey Clark from Season 2 of “American Idol?”

Yes, that Corey Clark. The one who was rumored to be gettin’ it in with Paula Abdul? Well, he was arrested again Wednesday night in Arizona for felony domestic violence, according to TMZ (see the mugshots below).

On top of the domestic violence charge, Clark was also booked for aggravated harassment and failure to comply.

In a follow up report from TMZ, we learned this:

According to Clark’s arrest report, there were several instances where he violated a protective order his wife had against him. The report says he was only allowed to communicate with Monica Clark via email and only to discuss their children.

Monica says Clark took it one step too far when she stopped replying to his emails. She claims he started to follow her, and in one instance, Corey allegedly sat outside a restaurant where she was eating dinner, and stared for hours.

In the docs, Monica says Clark hounded her about her new relationship in emails — which would be a clear violation of the protective order.

Clark, by the way, sued Fox after he was dropped from the show for not disclosing a prior arrest. He had been arrested after a scuffle with his sister. He pleaded no contest.

corey clark (mug shots)