missing years of baby jesus (cover)

*New York, NY – Author John Watts and publisher Ky-ston Books are pleased to announce the release of the forthcoming children’s book, “Missing Years of Baby Jesus.”

The new book is both a fictional and historical exploration of the childhood of Jesus from a faith-based perspective.

John Watts wrote his newest book because he wanted to explore the childhood of Jesus in the hopes that sharing the story would make Jesus more relatable to children and young adults.

Mr. Watts wrote his new book back in 2001, but the project was put on hold until he met the right illustrator. When Rex Perry joined the project, they worked together to develop illustrations of Baby Jesus, his siblings, and their environment. Once all the pieces were completed, the book was ready to be released as a tool for young people to discover Jesus for themselves.  The life of young Jesus can provide insight to youth about how to be respectful and productive citizen. “This book offers youth a guide that teaches them how to respect their Parents, Teachers, Authorities, and Law Enforcement. It’s the first book of its kind, and it makes a perfect resource for the young person curious about their faith,” says author John Watts.

Since the death of Jesus, most stories that have been written about his life focus on his adult story. With the release of the book “Missing Years of Baby Jesus”, readers will be given an opportunity to learn about how Jesus thought as a child. The book explores, through words and illustration, young Jesus’ life with his siblings and examines the lives of Mary and Joseph and their marriage. The author also provides insight into Jesus’ relationship with his father, Joseph. The book is a fun and imaginative exploration that hits upon different activities in the early life of Jesus, from working in the carpentry shop with Joseph to learning how he enjoyed reading and learning math. This unique portrayal into the early life of Jesus is different from other stories that have been told about the seminal figure of Christianity.

For more information about “Missing Years of Baby Jesus”, visit the publisher website www.kystonbooks.com or contact their sales department at 1.888.614.6867.

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