Cameron Ervin, 17, (R) and Christopher Ervin, 22, (L)

Cameron Ervin, 17, (R) and Christopher Ervin, 22, (L)

*Things are not always what they appear to be.

And this was never more evident after two brothers from what looks like a beautiful middle-class family living on the Atlanta outskirts, remain in jail since their arrest nearly a week ago when they made an unsuccessful attempt to kill their parents, Yvonne and Zachary Ervin.

According to a 911 call made by their mother, their father, bleeding profusely from stab wounds, had distracted the sons long enough for her to call for help.

Police say brothers Cameron and Christopher Ervin, ages 17 and 22 respectively, had given their parents a deadly Xanax-laced cocktail before brutally beating them and releasing natural gas into the home.  When authorities arrived at the Snellville home, Zachary was found “severely injured and bleeding heavily,” while Yvonne was “seriously injured,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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