Azealia Banks uses homophobic slur on Delta plane

Azealia Banks uses homophobic slur on Delta plane

*Azealia Banks is back in the headlines for something other than her music.

TMZ got hold of video showing the rapper using the homophobic f-word while cursing out a flight attendant.

It all went down Monday night on a Delta flight from New York to LAX after Banks allegedly tried to jump in front of passengers to exit the plane and another passenger stopped her. She is accused of spitting in that passenger’s face, punching him and clawing at his shirt before the plane’s staff intervened, a witness told TMZ.

The video doesn’t show the altercation with the passenger, just the aftermath between Banks and the rapper calling the flight attendant a “f**king f**got.”

Watch below:

Cops spoke to Banks once she was in the airport, TMZ reported. The passenger declined to press charges, according to the website.

Once news of her f-bomb hit social media and the backlash hit her timeline, Banks set her Twitter account to private, so nothing can be seen. It also lost its verification, the blue check that lets users know that a celebrity account is legit.

But soon after, she made her account public again, and began retweeting people voicing support for her as well as the following: