ben-carson*The drama over Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about not supporting a Muslim president continued to strike a nerve as the former neurosurgeon’s campaign manager brought a quick end to a CNN interview on Sunday.

The shut down came as anchor Jake Tapper put Carson on the hot seat regarding his views on Muslims. When asked about his comment that he wouldn’t “advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson clarified what he said, telling Tapper that he would “have problems with somebody who embraced all the doctrines associated with Islam.”

“If they are not willing to reject Shariah and all the portions of it that are talked about in the Koran — if they are not willing to reject that, and subject that to American values and the Constitution, then of course, I would [have problems],” the Republican presidential hopeful said.

As the interview continued, Tapper asked Carson if he could have made his remarks on Islam any clearer.

“You seem to be singling out Muslims as individuals who automatically as a knee-jerk would put their religion ahead of the country,” Tapper told Carson, who refused to back track in response to the question. “I think that offended a lot of people, including a lot of patriotic Muslims.”

As he frustration set in, Carson posed another situation for Tapper, with suggesting that the “media” think his comments are more newsworthy than do the American people.

“You’re an African-American. You know what it’s like for people to make false assumptions about you,” Tapper stated. “And you seem to be doing the same thing with Muslims. … You’re assuming that Muslim Americans put their religion ahead of the country.”

“I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States,” Carson replied.

From there, the voice of Carson’s campaign manager was heard off camera, letting everyone know that “This interview is over.”

The testy chat comes as Carson closes in on Donald Trump’s lead as the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday morning finds Trump receiving support from 21 percent of conservative voters while Carson has 20 percent of voters in his corner.

To see the exchange between Carson and Tapper, check out the video below: