floyd-mayweather-jr-Andre-Berto*Another Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight. Another Floyd Mayweather, Jr. win.

With being among those who helped the undefeated boxing champ tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record, Andre Berto is not taking his loser status silently as he threw shots around at Mayweather and his fighting style.

“I didn’t know I was gonna have to wear track shoes tonight, man,” Berto expressed to TMZ following the bout, which took place Saturday (Sept. 12) at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. “I had to do a lot of chasing. He runs around, he holds you, he does all that type of s**t. But everybody could see that, like I said, I came to fight.”

Mayweather wasn’t the only fighter Berto shared thoughts on. Vibe notes that the 32-year-old athlete voiced that he should’ve been the one to make the $50 million Manny Pacquiao collected for taking on Mayweather at the much hyped but disappointing “Fight of the Century.” In Berto’s eyes, the perceived quality of the fight should’ve matched up with the paychecks involved.

“Of course. We should’ve made all that money that they made for the Pacquiao fight. They should’ve gave me Pacquiao’s $50 million. Like I said man, it is what it is,” Berto said while responding to a fan who told him that his fight with Mayweather was better than Pacquiao’s. “We came out here, we put on a good show. He’s really crafty. He knows how to move, he knows how to hold you, he knows how to do little tactical sh*t. We came out here to scrap it out, I didn’t know I was gonna have to wear my track shoes tonight but, he did what he had to do.”

To see Bert’s post-fight interview on Mayweather, check out the video below: