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*Once again, rumor has it that Beyonce is fed up with Jay Z and his alleged affairs, and is planning to announce her intention to divorce any minute.

This rumor circles back into the headlines just days after Bey performed at her husband’s Made In America Festival. In Touch is reporting that Bey has had it with Jigga’s infidelity and wants to stop the charade of a happy marriage.

“It’s dead,” an insider told In Touch. “Bey is sick of keeping up the ruse of happiness, and she’s done.”

The magazine points out that Bey hasn’t done an interview in the past 18 months — “or just before her sister Solange had her notorious elevator outburst in which she attacked Jay Z as Beyonce looked on stoically.”

“It’s like she’s on lockdown and doesn’t want to be asked about her marriage or why she and Jay haven’t had another child after Blue Ivy,” the insider shared. “But in private, she’s already told friends and family that she’s moving forward with her life. She’ll soon make a public announcement that their marriage is over.”

According to In Touch, the decision to finally divorce comes in the wake of a “huge blowup leading up to the MTV Video Music Awards.”

Per Radar Online:

“Earlier this summer, Bey found some suspicious texts on Jay’s phone that led her to believe he was having a secret flirtatious communication with one of his [female] proteges,” a source told In Touch. Beyonce’s been on high alert for some time and took her new suspicions to one of Jay Z’s right hand men, who told her she needed to take that up with her husband. To Bey, that was a confirmation of her worst suspicions and fears.”

Then, In Touch reports, things came to a head when Jay Z asked Beyonce to come with him to the VMA’s as a “show of public solidarity.” Unable to conceal her disdain, she let her husband know what was on her mind. “She couldn’t figure out why Jay would want to go when they’re at a point where they can barely stand to look at each other. She made a comment about Jay only wanting to go to see Rita Ora and he laughed and twirled his finger in circles around his head, making a sign like Bey was crazy.”

Then, Beyonce reportedly blew up. “[She] demanded to see his phone, but he wouldn’t let her,” the source revealed. “He started screaming back at her, and this went on for 20 minutes until Beyonce pulled herself together and warned Jay that he was messing with the wrong woman. Then she picked up her bag and walked out.”

Now, the source says, the musical diva is crafting a strategy surrounding her next move. “She is fully in charge of how the divorce announcement is going to be made… She is going to play the victim card to the hilt.”

Meanwhile, only time will tell how their daughter will adjust to the split. “Blue Ivy is both a reason to stay married and a reason to divorce, an insider close to the couple said. “While Beyonce knows that Blue needs a father figure, she doesn’t want her to grow up in the same way she did,” referring to her parents’ troubled marriage. “She absolutely wants full custody, although she is fully prepared to offer Jay visitation.”