bokeem woodbine fargo2

Bokeem Woodbine in Season 2 of the FX Original Series “Fargo”

“Mike Milligan is a gift from the actor gods. Any actor could have stepped into this role and run away with it,” Bokeem Woodbine said of his hitman character in Season 2 of “Fargo.”

The FX series, based on the 1996 Coen Bros. movie, returns Monday, Oct. 12 with 10 new episodes serving as a prequel to Season 1.

The year is now 1979, where Lou’s Coffee Shop owner Lou Solverson (now played by Patrick Wilson) is a young state police officer recently back from Vietnam. Soon, he and his father-in-law, Sheriff Hank Larsson (Ted Danson), are on the case of a local crime gang/mob syndicate led by Joe Bulo (Brad Garrett).

Mike Milligan is Bulo’s enforcer and right hand man.

“There’s a lot of complexity on different levels to him,” Woodbine told the Television Critics Association about his character, who sports a leather jacket, afro, sideburns and an ever-present smile. “He’s a bit of a jester. He’s sinister. He’s so focused that it’s sociopathic. He has his eyes on the prize all the time. He sleeps with one eye open, and he’s ready to rock at any given time.”

Below, Woodbine said that neither Shaft, nor Samuel L. Jackson’s ruthless hitman character Jules in “Pulp Fiction” inspired his portrayal of Mike Milligan :

Watch Fargo’s Season 2 trailer below: