miss-lawrence*Wednesday night ”Empire” got some new music talent to digest as Bravo star Miss Lawrence made a noticeable appearance during the much-anticipated and highly rated premiere of the show’s second season.

According to TMZ, the cameo came courtesy of Lawrence’s spot-on impression of Cookie while goofing off with his “Fashion Queens” co-star Bevy Smith. To hear Lawrence tell it, Smith recorded him doing his Cookie impression and sent it to her friend, “Empire” co-creator Lee Daniels, with a two-word message: “Hire him!”

Needless to say, Daniels took his friend’s suggestion to heart and replied, “Done!” A few weeks later, Lawrence found himself auditioning for “Empire with singing Sylvester‘s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”

Upon receiving the news from Daniels that he made the cut, Lawrence just happened to have Lenny Kravitz on the scene. Lawrence went on to mention that Kravitz gave him his props on the phone and told him to pursue a career in music.

If you missed Miss Lawrence on “Empire,” check out the video below: