Gun in womans privates

*Look, y’all gotta give me a minute. And I promise to give you one.

OK, time is up. All together now…WTF???????!!!

Texas drug dealer Ashley Castaneda, 31, was caught red-handed with  29.5 grams of meth and a scale in her purse during a routine traffic stop. But when officers posed that familiar question, “Is there anything else you have that we may have missed, ma’am?” It wasn’t the “Yes” that surprised them, so much as the “where.”

Now, let’s just visualize how the conversation went.

Male Officer: “Ma’am, we have located the contraband inside of your purse. Are you saying you also have a .22-caliber gun? We have checked all visible pockets and your purse. Where is this weapon that you say you have?”

Castaneda: It is inside of my vagina.

Male Officer: (Coughing as if he just swallowed a hot jalapeño). “Excuse me?”

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