*We can all relate to this extremely sad story.

How many times have we, in the midst of trying to get ready for company, said, “Oh I have to run to the store, I’ll be right back.”

This is what Delonte Antwuan Tobe and his beautiful wife, Shalaya Moore-Tobe, said to family members before they dashed out for what they thought would be a quick run. The couple was excitedly preparing for guests over the Labor Day weekend.

But tragedy struck along the way when their car collided with another vehicle.

According to Prince George’s County, Maryland police, the Tobe’s car had turned right onto Kirby Road from Tinkers Creek Drive around 2 p.m. on Sunday, when it was hit by another car that crossed the center line of Kirby Road.  The second car was trying to pass two other cars that had slowed down on Kirby Road to let Tobe, 34, and Moore-Tobe, 31, turn onto the street, but the car crashed into the couple instead, police said.

“They said, ‘We’ll be right back in five minutes,’ ” Moore-Tobe’s mother, Virginia Moore, said. “They never came back.”

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