*Up until the surprise release of his “Black Messiah” album last year, D’Angelo has remained out of the spotlight since his last album “Voodoo” dropped in 2000. He doesn’t give interviews often and, as the LA Times reports, he probably won’t be confessing his darkest secrets to Oprah any time soon. However, the reclusive singer gave his first interview in over a decade to Tavis Smiley Wednesday night, a two-part conversation that will air on PBS.

The “Tavis Smiley Show” teased a preview of the interview with the Grammy-winning artist, in which Smiley elicits laughs from D’Angelo while discussing his breathtaking breakout video for the sexy track “Untitled (How Does It Feel).”

Asked Smiley: “How did videos — one video in particular — change your life, for the better or worse?”

“Well, in particular, let’s talk about ‘Untitled,’ because that was the one that kind of took it there,” D’Angelo said in the clip. “It was all good. I think a lot has been made about me reacting to, or me being negative to the reaction of that video. And it really wasn’t that. Too big of a deal has been made out of that.”

dangelo - untitled

Despite purposely making a video that was basically eye candy for the ladies (and we thank him for it), D’Angelo told Smiley that the attention got annoying. Well, umm… What kind of reaction was he expecting?

“A lot of times live when we were touring for ‘Voodoo’ and I had this amazing band, the Soultronics. Questlove was the drummer, [bassist] Pino [Palladino], of course I had the incomparable Roy Hargrove on trumpet, Frank Lacy on trombone. Just this outstanding band, and we were doing some amazing stuff musically. And a lot of times the crowd — or a lot of the ladies were just screaming, ‘Take it off!’ And I kind of felt like, for lack of a better thing, a male stripper, you know? Or I [was] expected to be that, you know what I mean?”

“You felt objectified,” Smiley said. “Women feel it every day.”

You can watch his response below. Check the PBS website for more from their chat.