The Rock, John David Washington

John David Washington (right) with Ballers co-star Dwayne Johnson. Image via Zimbio

*Social Media recently took notice to Denzel Washington’s 31-year-old smokin’ hot son, John David Washington.

An actor like his father, John David appeared alongside Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in the HBO comedy series “Ballers,” which recently wrapped its first season. The show was the network’s best rated comedy series in a decade, according to the New York Daily News.

Washington played Ricky Jerret, a troublesome receiver with a charming personality. Despite the announcement of JD joining the cast, his appearance on the show went unnoticed until after it wrapped and he received mentions in post-season reviews and recaps.

That moment when you learn that Denzel Washington has a son…Look at what God did??????? #JohnDavidWashington

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It’s easy to see how many didn’t notice at first, with Washington being a common name, and John David looking more like his mother, Pauletta Washington, who has been married to Denzel since 1983. Also, the younger Washington has always avoided the spotlight, having busied himself with college instead of pursuing a career in Hollywood. He attended Morehouse on a football scholarship and had a brief stint in the NFL, for the St. Louis Rams in the 2006-07 season.

“Since I’ve known him, he has shunned away from media attention,” the younger Washington’s former football coach told ESPN in 2003. “He doesn’t want to get attention that the other guys on the team are not getting just because of his father. John David is a very humble young man from everything I’ve seen.”

John David Washington

John David Washington in a scene from Ballers/HBO

“Ballers” isn’t Washington’s foray to Hollywood. As The Root reports, in 1992 he appeared in “Malcolm X,” which starred his father. The younger Washington was credited as a “student in Harlem classroom” on IMDB. Check out the clip below, he’s the first kid to pop up from his chair to yell, “I’m Malcolm X!”

JD was also a co-producer for 2010’s “The Book of Eli,” which also starred his dad.

The New York Daily News responded to the Twitter freak out by posting a piece titled, “The Internet Is Losing It Over Denzel Washington Son’s Inherited Hotness.”

Yes we are, sexual chocolate for the new generation. Thank you, Denzel and Pauletta!