*Ladies, are you ready to find out what it takes to understand a man and to communicate with him effectively?

Deya Direct, the Fly Life-focused , Go-to-Girlfriend & Tom Joyner Morning Show Producer is taking her “Man Whisperer” conversation to the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion!

After years of relationship up & downs both personally & with her girlfriend’s experiences combined, their conversations usually ended with questions like, “I don’t understand, why do men do things like that?” Deya, with her direct style, finally decided to take her journalistic skills to the source – Men!

This panel will:

  • Teach women how to create a safe space for men to open up
  • Reveal some key & yet surprising tips about what makes a man happy
  • Show women how to use their feminine powerWho will be on the panel?
Damon Williams  black leather headshot

Damon Williams, Comedian Damon Williams and Tom Joyner Morning Show contributor



Marcus D. Wiley, Co-Host of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, Comedian, Married for 18 years with one child.



Jay Barnett, Author and Inspirational Speaker recently crowned Black Enterprise Modern Man Ambassador. Also popularly known as King Jay Barnett. Jay is single with no children, enjoying life.


WMJr. Picture

Willie Moore Jr., The Nightly Spirit with Willie Moore Jr., married with three children, Youth Minister, YouTube Sensation, Creator of Young, Fly and Saved

Deya has been conducting men-specific panels & conversations for the benefit of women for over five years. During this process, she’s learned how to become a “Man Whisperer”, which is a skill on how to communicate with men.

This year, it’s coming to the expo stage at  the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion with some heavy-hitters. These men are going to break it down about love, faith, family and relationships from a married, single & divorced man’s perspective, respectively.

Hopefully you’re registered. If not, get tickets while they last!

This is just one event for the family-friendly & celebrity power packed weekend. See the full line up here.

Come & find out what it’s all about. It’s going to be Fly!