*On the eve of “Empire’s” Season 2 return, Jimmy Fallon aired a video spoof of the Fox series that featured the “Tonight Show’ host doing a dead-on impersonation of Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon.

“Jimpire” – also featuring cameos from Howard, co-star Taraji P. Henson and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump – starts off as “Empire” did in January, but instead of Lucious discovering that he’s ill and must choose a replacement for his record label, Fallon, with his injured finger, spends the 10-minute segment deciding who will be the heir to his “Tonight Show” throne.

Jimmy Fallon in "Jimpire"

Jimmy Fallon in “Jimpire”

“I’ve been telling jokes since I was 9 years old in Brooklyn,” Fallon says in Howard’s drawl, sporting Lucious’ turtleneck and purple paisley silk neck scarf. “It was these jokes, these funnies, these ha-has that kept me warm at night growing up in the street.”

“It was jokes like these that made me the man I am today,” Fallon continues. “Juicy Jim, head of the ‘Tonight Show’ empire. Now, I might not be around forever, what with my finger being in the condition it is, who knows what could happen tomorrow? I could stub my toe, I could bite my tongue. I could burn the roof of my mouth eating a hot microwave pizza. The point is, I need to entrust my legacy to someone.”


In the running is announcer Steve Higgins, whose Cookie Lyon-esque character encounters the real thing, Roots’ drummer, Questlove and Roots MC Tariq, a knockoff of Bryshere Gray’s Hakeem.

The chosen one, of course, is the GOP’s current front-runner, who has apparently turned his ire from Fox News to Boo Boo Kitty.

Watch below: