dreadlocks, on white girl 2

*Problems seem to have arisen for a Utah girl on a spiritual journey.

Caycee Cunningham studied abroad in Guatamala and discovered the Hindu religion while she was there. Now, as a result, she has worn her hair in dreadlocks – a style that apparently goes against the grain of her Utah high school.

But her mother believes the teen is being “racially profiled” at the school because she is white and wears dreadlocks, according to what she told Fox 13

“My daughter is white and there happens to be other kids in the school who happen to be other race and ethnicity, and they have hair that can’t be combed, and there’s never been an issue regarding that before,” Caycee Cunningham’s mom, Tonya Judd, told the news station.

Hmm, this sounds weird, but interesting. Read more at EURThisNthat.