"Say, Say, Say" was a hit for Michael Jackson when h  and Paul McCartney recorded it in 1983.

“Say, Say, Say” was a hit for Michael Jackson when he and Paul McCartney recorded it in 1983.

*Ah…the things that can spoil a friendship.

Michael Jackson continues to be on the minds of many. Not only did we remember the King of Pop on August 29, on what would have been his 57th birthday; but we think of him whenever we hear news about his children, Prince (18), Paris (17), and Bigi (formerly called Blanket, now 13) Jackson. And probably go even farther as we wonder, “how would Michael feel about that?”

Truth is, we never stopped thinking about Michael. But that’s a story for another day.

What we remember here though, is the day he bested a Beatle. It’s a saga of a deal that will be told for generations to come.

Jackson always had a secret side-eye for big-wigs who thought he was just so busy singin’ and dancin’ that he gave little to no thought or attention to the money being brought in as a result. He would even speak on this years later in a rare calling out of Sony (who he called “racist”) and its head honcho, Tommy Motolla, who he referred to as a “devil.”

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson looked like school chums in this photo

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson looked like school chums in this photo

Jackson’s characteristic soft voice, nervous chuckle, and childlike naivete always through people off. For some reason, many made the dreadful mistake of misjudging him because of it.

But the shrewdest of businessmen, such as one Michael Jackson, have managed to use what could be seen as a character “flaws” that has cost some their man-card, to great benefit.

And Paul McCartney made the misjudgment mistake. While the two were sitting around kickin’ it and talking about music he decided to school Jackson on the “business of music” but never considered his student’s abilities to actually apply what he was being taught.

In the 1989 video, while the wounds of the purchase of the Beatles catalog by Jackson are still painfully deep in McCartney’s veins, the Beatle even mimics how Jackson used that sweet little voice to tell him:

“I’m gonna get your songs.”

And  how he just laughed in response.

As you know, he would later learn that the joke was on him. Jackson acquired the Beatles music catalog…and his wealth, as a result, skyrocketed!

The video below is a great one at 3 minutes and change. Afterwards, scroll down to watch Jackson & McCartney in the fun music video “Say, Say, Say” co-written by both artists and released in 1983. And then, scroll down even more to read an article that gives great historic background on the deal that ruined a great friendship.

Here’s the video where Paul McCartney tells how disappointed he was when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles music catalog.

Watch the “Say, Say, Say” video with Jackson and McCartney directly below.

Revisit the incredible saga of Jackson and McCartney’s friendship and how it turned sour in this article on Yahoo Music here.

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