Boomerang, 1992, Eddie Murphy and Grace Jones

*My oh my. Don’t blame us, were just the messengers.

We couldn’t even wait for #TBT to deliver this little gem.

You may have forgotten all about the scene from the 1992 movie, “Boomerang,” starring Eddie Murphy (here in a very, very raw scene with Grace Jones). But thanks to a share by Rita Britton on Facebook, this little gem has resurfaced.

Anyhoo, remember Jones’ over-the-top scene where she propositions Murphy in an oh-so-blatant kind way…in a restaurant!?

Well here’s a reminder.

Whew! Can any man resist such a request? Let us hear from you.

Remember, its a scene that’s not for the weak and definitely not for the Saved.

Take a look here, if you dare, that is.