Russell Wilson and Ciara

*Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson did the right thing this time and actually gave the ball to Marshawn Lynch, but once again – it didn’t work out.

And Twitter is blaming Ciara.

The Seahawks were in overtime against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday and on fourth down needed just one more yard to keep the game going. Unlike in the Super Bowl, when coach Pete Carroll had Wilson pass the ball instead of hand it to Beast Mode at the goal line, Lynch was given the ball, only to be stuffed by the Rams defense for a 1-yard loss. The play sealed the Rams’ 34-31 victory over the two-time defending NFC champs…and it caused Wilson’s girlfriend to be dragged on Twitter.

The two, who have been dating most of the off-season, made it clear that they are staying celibate for now. And yes, that decision is also being blamed for the team’s loss: