Megyn Kelly and Richard Fowler*A #BlackLivesMatter supporter got more than an earful from Megyn Kelly during an appearance on Fox News the other night (Sept. 1).

“The Kelly File” host went off on Richard Fowler as she questioned why liberals support the Black Lives Matter movement but have come out against the Tea Party movement

“I don’t think we’re watching the same Black Lives Matter movement,” the commentator told Kelly

“Please stop,” a screaming and shouting Kelly said as she followed with an inquiry into the movement, asking, “Why are they not outraged now…why the double standard?”

“Why where so many on the left so quick to tie a few comments made by alleged Tea Party members to the entire Tea Party?”

Fowler then responded to Kelly by mentioning the lack of evidence of their being any link with the man who shot a Texas deputy and the Black Lives Matter movement. In addition, Fowler countered Kelly’s argument, saying the movement against police violence is anything but peaceful.

Kelly’s stance on the Black Lives Matter falls in line with coverage of the movement on Fox News. While the network has covered the effort, the coverage has been more negative than positive as it suggests there’s “war on cops” in America, as evidenced by the two police officers who were violently murdered over the past few days.

To see Kelly’s argument with Fowler, check out the video below: