high school drill team_brawl*Remember when dance-offs were just friendly competitions where dancers battled to be the best person or team with the best moves?

Well that went out the window as two rival high school drill teams went in on each other with a dance-off after a recent football game in Dallas, Texas over someone getting their hair messed up.

Media sources report that the battle, which took place at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium, started out fine with captains from the Wilmer Hutchins High School and James Madison High School drill teams converging on the field and assembling in a face-off formation. From there, things got crazy as a member of Madison High School’s team came over and performed a mock routine in front of 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper.

When the drill team member later returned, Cooper had her back turned. The 15-year-old was suddenly hit in the back of the head as the Madison drill team member grabbed her hair, according to Fox 4 News, which obtained cell phone footage of the incident.

The drill team members weren’t the only ones getting their fight on. Adults who were at the stadium joined in to make the incident a certified brawl.

“You do have a personal space in which you are supposed to respect,”  Cooper’s mother, Deshannon Roberts, told Fox 4 News. “That was not respected, so it was heated at that point. I immediately leaped over the rail and ran to the field, trying to get my baby. By that time it was chaos.”

To see Fox 4 News’ coverage of the brawl, check out the video below: