Ribs man

*“They owe me for that one. Ya feel me?”

Yep, we feel you, bruh.

I fell out when I saw this video of a man who some online are calling ‘a hero!’

From what we can gather, a fire broke out in an apartment near the one Robert Wright and his family reside in, in Fresno, California.

Wright found himself hungry at 3 a.m. and decided to through some ribs on the grill. I know, most of us would’ve gotten up and made a sandwich, but hey, apparently dude was really hungry.

In the process of seasoning, and sliding that barbecue sauce in all the right places, Wright looked up and saw a fire break out next door.

“I was barbecuing, man, and I seen some fire just come out the window, man, and the window busted out,” Wright said excitedly, peppering the conclusion of just about every sentence with the word ‘man’ .

Read more and watch the hilarious video at EURThisNthat.