drake-futrue (owl)

*The hip hop world is salivating at the thought of Drake and Future dropping a mixtape. And if the rumors are at all true, it could happen as early as today or tomorrow.

Apparently the rumor started with the publication of artwork for the rumored collaboration. It features an OVO owl, soaked in a purple substance on top of the Beast Mode heart and now speculation and and anticipation is through the roof!

Fueling the rumors as well is the fact that Angela Yee mentioned something about it on The Breakfast Club earlier this week, and on Thursday afternoon, Skee dropped this major hint via Twitter:

“Damn 2 people about to break the internet tomorrow with this mixtape coming out of left field.”

On the other hand, is somebody just yanking the collect leg of #Future and #Drake fans?

Seems there reason for a bit of paranoia ’cause OVO artist OB Brien posted then deleted the artwork on his Instagram. As they say, time will tell so keep your fingers crossed.