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Ahmed Mohamed

*It’s a legitimate question.

Apparently it wasn’t enough that Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim student who brought his makeshift clock “invention” to school in a briefcase, was humiliated and arrested because officials suspected it was a bomb; then freed when they found out it wasn’t. His mere existence is still causing fingers to move on keyboards across America.

Envious heads turned like someone possessed when Mohamed was invited to bring his “cool clock” to the White House. And now, seething in the fact that the MacArthur High School student hasn’t been sitting at home twirling his thumbs and suffering from depression since he walked away from the Irving, Texas campus,  The Dallas Morning News  is reporting that “according to Texas school officials,” the 14-year-old has a folder this thick showing he has been a discipline problem since way back.

Why don’t they leave this kid alone? 

No worries though. Mohamed ain’t thinking about his haters. Last message he left is he’s out of the office until further notice. The teen is said to have gone on a grand tour of the U.N. earlier this week. And soon, he and his family will board a private jet to Qatar where he will be treated like royalty.

Now that should give the haters a real headache.

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