Jaylen Bledsoe

Jaylen D. Bledsoe

*Many people have learned to run their mouth incessantly, and some of them actually talk a good game.

But few of the mouth-runners actually have something to show for all that talk. So don’t even bother listening to the next broke-ass individual that tries to tell you how to go about  making money.

I just had to get that off my chest before I  introduce ( or re-introduce) you to Jaylen D. Bledsoe. Yes people, it is possible to learn about the road to success from a 17-year-old. Especially one who is a successful entrepreneur whose company, Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, is valued at $3.5 million dollars!

His tech company now employs 180 people around the country and in the video below, he successfully uses the metaphor of a GPS to break down the concepts of win and fail or just “recalculate.”

Read more and watch the video at EURThisNthat.