Idris Elba and K. Michelle

Idris Elba and K. Michelle

*A recent Instagram post from K. Michelle makes it clear that she wants nothing more to do with Idris Elba. Whatever they were doing, it’s now history, reports Madame Noire.

Last year, the singer was coy about their relationship, eventually admitting they were hooking up while working together on her “Rebellious Soul” hip-hopera for VH1 – until she found out that he was also seeing another woman, Naiyana Garth, who was pregnant with their son.

“He told me about the baby that was about to be born. But he also told me that…you know, we always wanna listen to men, and we always want to make excuses for them in order not to pay attention and basically, I was like a glorified side-chick. And sometimes you don’t even know you’re the side-chick until you look back and say, ‘Damn b***h, I was the side-chick, goddamn.’ But he had this baby, and he just wasn’t for the baby’s mother. And you know, he wasn’t about her. And he spent a lot of time with me for eight months. A lot of time with me, here in America. A lot of time was spent.”

K. Michelle revealed that her second album, “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart,” was mostly about the ups and downs of her time with Elba, although he never spoke publicly about it or confirmed that their relationship even existed.

According to Madame Noire, K. Michelle is still salty about the whole thing.

K. Michelle is still singing about the Englishman as she prepares for her third album. In fact, she’s bashing him, Garth, and Elba’s musical aspirations. He was recently featured on a song with Nigerian musician D’Banj called “Confidential.” But K. Michelle isn’t feeling any of it:

Can you guess who #KMichelle is referring to?? Hint: He’s from London ??

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