Teairra Mari

*If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” then you probably won’t be surprised by this tidbit of celebrity dirt.

According to TMZ, notorious hothead  Teairra Mari once again lost her cool (what else is new) and got physical with … brace yourselves … an Uber driver.

Poor guy.

Perhaps this unfortunate incident will motivate him to invest in self-defense classes. Then again, it’s probably difficult to evade a flurry of punches while operating a moving vehicle.

Say what you will about the feisty singer, but at least she’s consistent–Ms. Thang hands out more beatdowns than Ronda Rousey. You might remember … Mari allegedly went nuts on an Uber driver in July after he refused to let her charge her cellphone. The driver claims Mari began to punch him and stole his charger — forcing him to pull over.

That’s interesting, when did Ray J become a chauffeur? Just kidding.

Prosecutors bought the driver’s story and last Friday Mari was charged with battery and theft–both misdemeanors. She was also hit with a vandalism charge, but it’s not clear where that came from.
Mari faces possible jail time, where at least she won’t have to worry about her phone’s battery life.