mike epps*It was a night of jokes and punches for a heckler during a comedy show featuring Mike Epps.

TMZ reports that police are investigating what happened at the show, which took place in Phoenix on Friday (Sept. 11). The incident with the heckler stemmed from a joke Epps made about the flannel shirt-wearing man looking like a member of Hootie and the Blowfish.

The joke apparently rubbed the man the wrong way as he got in Epp’s face. From there, security came on the scene and ushered the man out of the club. As it turned out, the man didn’t make it far before a fan of Epps sucker punched him. The man, who was bloody from the punch, ended up unconscious on the floor of the club.

Although he stated he had nothing to do with the incident, Epps responded to the situation with an apology “to all my fans and anyone that got hurt at my show!”

“I never hurt anyone I was just doin what I do cracking jokes,” he said.